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GPS Vehicle finder is a Canadian owned distributer and service provider specializing in vehicle tracking. We provide tracking devices and services for everything from vehicles to valuable assets to mobile workers.

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Tracking everything from vehicles to valuable assets to mobile workers

For years I’ve been supplying customers with tech solutions… I’m older now and I have other business interests but I still really enjoy providing tech solutions to problems. 

As the owner operator of several companies I always felt to properly manage mobile workers I needed to know their location, how long they stopped, how many miles they drove, how far away they were from the next job, who was the closest person to take care of an emergency call from a client…  The basic information that would be easy if all my workers worked in a building and I could just look around and see whats going on! 

So this need to know how I could better manage my workers, maintain my vehicles and be much more responsive to my clients nagged me for a long time.

I had been hired by a devision of CANCOM a satellite services company to be their VP of Operations for the Business TV group. While at Cancom they had this new thing Fleet Management Service for transport trucks, something I watch with interest. This service was very expensive because it used Satellites to back haul the information to their servers, really making this service way too expensive for the small service or delivery company… 

Technology advanced and the internet expanded to what it is today, cell phones flourished and their networks spread to almost all corners of the populated world. Developments in GPS tracking devices also kept advancing and that expensive Satellite connection could now be accomplished by accessing the cellular networks. 

These advancements brought about the our current systems and technology used today. 

All that said managing a mobile work force is possible today at an affordable price. 

I no longer have a large number of mobile workers but I decided to share the knowledge I have  gained over the years with business owners that have the need to manage mobile workers. I am providing a service that can add GPS tracking to their current businesses to track everything from vehicles to valuable assets to mobile workers. 

The cost to provide tracking solutions has dropped to a level that has led to utilizing this technology to protect everything from boats to water craft, motor cycles, cars, machinery just about anything.